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Thirigi is a sister company of Herbochem which creates premium wellness products. Bring the goodness of nature to your life with our dietary supplements, soaps, lotions, heath drinks, green teas, and protein bars. All our products are herbal based, organic and 100% chemical free. Thirigi has leading Ayurvedic doctors on board to formulate products which will redefine the way you perceive wellness.

We are living in a world full of lies.

Everything around us is adulterated. It is such an irony that all the wellness products we see around us are full of carcinogenic & harmful additives and chemicals.

All of them are designed to make the us sick !

And believe us, it is going to get worse.

Product labels are untruthful

Natural? Organic? Chemical free? The industry is using its own language to market their products. Their objective is to persuade the end user to use their product & that is not okay!

Dangerous Chemicals

All wellness products both intakes (Tablets, Capsules, sports nutrition) & applications (cosmetics) have risky chemicals which the labels do not declare. We believe that we have every right to know what we are using.

Cheap Additives

Big giants have been using cheap & dangerous additives to compete in the market at a price of the customers health. This is so not acceptable.

The question is, will this ever change? And how is it going to change?

We have put in a lot of thought into this & decided to take this into our own hands to clean the toxic wellness industry.

The solution we have chosen was to go back in time & do what our ancestors did to stay healthy.

We are here to take you back to the roots.

Join the count down with us !