Flaunt that Booty!

We are sure that you must be taking good care of your skin. When it comes to skincare, people only focus on their faces, hands, and legs. They often tend to forget that the rest of their body is covered in skin. We would like to focus on one such part which is neglected by all of you- Your butt! What we would like to bring to your attention is, your booty is susceptible to different skin conditions like acne, stretch marks, cellulite, pigmentation, etc. So, it’s high time to start paying attention to your rear end.

Common butt skin care problems and how to deal with them - Whip that booty into shape with these butt-specific skincare tips.

Acne: Butt acne or Buttne as we call it, is one of the most common skincare issues on the butt. Dermatologists believe that this kind of acne is caused by plugged pores that create pimples and cysts that go deeper than what occurs on the face. The number one thing you can do to prevent buttne is to avoid wearing tight clothing whenever possible and shower as soon as you’re done exercising or sweating. Regular exfoliation is key to keeping buttne at bay. However, heavy exfoliation can cause irritation and worsen the condition.

At Thirigi we have a couple of products that help in exfoliation. You could try our Charcoal soap which helps in deep cleansing and exfoliation.

If at-home treatments don’t work, you may need to head to your dermatologist.

Stretch marks: The lines form when elastin and collagen fibers just below the surface weaken and tear, leaving streaks of indented skin More than 70% of adults have this problem, so don’t worry, you are not alone. These stretch marks could be because of rapid or extreme weight gain and/or loss.

Regular massage with creams having Vit. E and Jojoba oil could reduce these marks over time. 

Cellulite: Thin fiber-like structure in your buttocks hold fat in place. These fibers get disrupted due to poor skin structure caused by hormones, genetics, smoking, lack of exercise, and poor diet. This leads to the movement of fat to the surface of the skin thereby creating the dimpling known as cellulite
Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and toning your muscles will help improve the look of cellulite,

Keratosis pilaris: Also known as “chicken skin,” keratosis pilaris is a common skin condition that creates sandpaper-Esque goosebumps on the butt, thighs, and backs of your arms. The bumps are usually red or brown and are scaly. It’s caused by a build-up of skin debris and proteins inside your hair follicles. These shallow little bumps can be itchy or irritating.

To smooth your KP bumps, regularly exfoliate your skin and keep conditioning the area around the butt.

We at Thirigi want you to start paying attention to your bum. We have specially formulated India’s first completely natural cream for that part you have ignored all these years- Now, are you ready to make your butt Bootylicious?

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