Thirigi - A Wellness Time Machine?

In today’s day and age, everyone is striving to be in the best form and shape. This has led to a lot of alternative therapies/methods/procedures shooting to popularity in the last decade. One of the oldest, traditional, safest and widely used medical procedures are the Ayurvedic practices.
Everyone wants to consume these all organic, natural products. Ayurvedic products fit in perfectly for a better lifestyle and health profile. The practice includes treatment with medications which help with issues ranging from hair care/skin care to a myriad of complex health conditions like arthritis, diabetes and it also ventures into the practice of massages to heal and nurture the body.
Eventually, it’s all about utilizing natural products to cater to the wide spectrum of human needs - Thirigi’s vision is just that!
Let us look at a few of them to ensure that you can be your best self inside and out everyday!


Detox is one of the first things prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioners. Look no further because our “Complete Detox Capsules” offer the perfect solution. Essentially, an amalgamation of extracts from amla, turmeric, manjista, guduchi, tulsi and ginger thus harvesting the wonderful medicinal/cleansing benefits of each of these components. The advantages also include naturally eliminating harmful toxins to ensure good liver health, maintain a good appetite and sleep cycle, aid with weight loss, healthy gut and skin health.


Our body is like a well-oiled machine, if we don’t provide the right resources or leave it idle for too long it stops functioning efficiently. This is why exercise is a must! Most of our jobs today involve sitting continuously for long periods of time and no physical activity has lead to more issues than one can imagine – back problem, obesity, inflammations, reduction of stamina, etc.

To supplement your daily exercise routines and provide the right nutrients to the body, Thirigi offers Fit Bit capsules. These not only aid in weight management, possible cholesterol support, possible appetite suppression, induction of ketosis but also warrant for a possible improvement in blood flow.


Along with a focus on physical health, with the growing levels of stress, keeping a check on mental health and being mindful goes a long way. Most medical practitioners now suggest that meditation be inculcated in our daily routine.


Ayurvedic products not only aid development of a strong mental and physical frame, there are products to also ensure your skin, hair, nails are taken care of. As the largest organ, and the first level of protection for your body, your skin requires special attention.

At Thirigi, you will find a diverse set of products like: Watermelon and Lotus seed cleaner Cleanser, Hibiscus, Red Apple and Pomegranate Hair and Body wash, Red Sandalwood soap , Rosebud and Red wine Moisturizer, etc. Each of these come with tons of benefits and deal with problematic acne-prone, oily skin, have anti-inflammatory properties and the hair wash promote strengthening of hair follicles by stimulating circulation and improving blood flow to the scalp among others.

Again, don’t treat these as something that you have to practice but inculcate them into your lifestyle. Take time out for yourself, take a breather and enjoy what nature and Thirigi have to offer.

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