Inspired by Nature, made with Love

In this day and age, every label on a product has become so crucial – natural, organic, paraben-free, vegan, cruelty-free, etc. We strive to better not only ourselves and our appearance but also the environment around us, which was when the revolution and popularity of 100% natural products was reborn. Traditionally chemically induced products do help us with our skin problems, sometimes even promising overnight results, but this always leads to long-term side effects!

Natural products on the other hand affect each skin type uniquely and work wonders without causing any issues externally or internally! Thirgi’s aim is not to interfere but to aid and nurture the natural process of beautifying, healing your skin, pigmentation, age lines, etc. Keeping this in mind we have developed products from gifts bestowed upon us by mother nature to maintain the health and wholesomeness of your skin.

Thirigi’s face & body moisturizer for instance is made using Red Wine, Rosebud Oil & Vitamin-E; each of these ingredients play a special role in aiding your face and body. The Red Wine known for its antioxidant properties gets an extra boost from the Vitamin-E, helps repair your skin cells and in retaining its natural moisture. The Rosebud oil reduces acne and also hydrates and tones your skin thus rendering fresh, younger looking and glowing skin.

Coconut plays a huge part in many skin care routines. Since ages, its utility has been deeply ingrained in aspects of every household. When it comes to the being, it can be used externally or consumed internally to help with inflammation, cool down the skin and reduce heat induced spots. Thus, we have inculcated the strength of coconut into Thirigi’s face mist; The facial mist is a great and hassle free product that help in giving that extra boost of glow to your skin. Thirigi’s facial mist constitutes of coconut water, rose and hibiscus (great for skin tightening) all of which aid in livening up your skin.

There are also cases of every tanning and sun damage to the skin that we have to deal with; many of us use suntan lotions with SPFs to protect our skin but eventually these have to be reapplied every few hours and are made using so many harsh chemicals that it feels like the skin is chemically overdosed. We have inculcated the power of watermelon and lotus seed to create the perfect gel to suit your needs. Thirigi’s hydrating gel has anti-tanning properties, that naturally help in lightening the skin. The watermelon helps in skin rejuvenation and is an important component that helps in UV protection; the lotus seed extract on the other hand helps in evenly toning the skin and hydration.

When you slowly eliminate toxins and chemicals from your daily routine, the skin starts to respond to the natural ingredients that you’re nurturing it with and finds a nice harmony with them; this helps create long-term benefits and leaving you feeling healthy and radiant both inside and out!

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