Understanding the process of Detoxification

Our body is a powerful detoxifying factory with the liver and kidneys playing the role of a detoxifying machine. Just like a factory that never closes, these organs are designed to manage the levels of circulating harmful toxins and, hormones that enable us to stay balanced.  Our relationship with cleansing is a daily one. Our body not only has to deal with the hormones that are naturally produced by the body, but also with the food that we eat and the chemicals in our environment surrounding us that can have a negative effect on our body.
While the kidneys and the liver play a major role in the process of detoxification and elimination, every cell in our body contributes to this process in some or the other way. When this cellular detoxification function is impaired by a lack of nutrients, emotional stresses, or pollutants for example - our whole system can suffer. Fatigue, bloating, skin breakouts, constipation, headaches, weight gain, and irritability, are just of a few of the unpleasant side effects of toxin build-up, an unfortunate and common symptom of our fast living, modern lifestyles.
The problem with us is we try to look for quick fixes to deal with the process of detoxifying our body. Sadly, none of us have the time to look into or understand human biochemistry.
As mentioned, the liver plays an important role in detoxification. Kupffer cells and Hepatocytes which are the resident cells of the liver undertake the detoxification of toxins when they get to the liver. These cells have to be in their best condition to do their job efficiently and to do this they regenerate every 25 - 30 days. This regeneration happens with the help of particular nutrients and amino acids.
The main objective of a detox or a cleansing program is to fix the main detoxification organs. This is done through diet (with the right nutrition), correct eating habits; and slowly teaching our body to heal itself in a way that will set you up for a lifetime of health.
To give you a few examples of short-term fixes, we at Thirigi have done our research to list down a few most commonly done short term fixes: Juice/fruit diet, Cleansing, and weight loss are.  We have tried to simplify things to make you understand why these fixes aren’t an option.
 Before we begin our explanation, we wanted to make sure that you understand that any short-term detox plan would encourage the release of toxins or its by-products into the lymphatic system and bloodstream, leaving them to circulate at will and have the potential to cause more damage to the body tissues.


Juice cleansing and Fruit Diets:

Most of the fruit or juice detox cleanse lacks the right amount of fat, protein, or even fiber.

The whole detoxification process is complex and to the show, our system required certain minerals, vitamins, amino acids and, macronutrients like protein and fiber to work efficiently, and therefore what you eat during this time is super important. This not only supports the efficiency of each cell to ‘detoxify’ but also how well the by-products are removed from the body (either through the kidneys, gut, skin, or breath). If you are not supplying enough protein and fiber to perform this job, the toxins are simply re-circulated in the system but in a more toxic format than before. All this makes us believe that this kind of cleansing is very harmful.

Weight Loss:

Toxins are stored in the cells of our adipose tissue (fat) as a way of protecting the body from toxic damage. Therefore, weight gain can occur more readily with the toxic build-up and can also make it harder to shift.
This is why natural weight loss can be experienced when on a detoxification plan. However, as tempting as it might be, don’t be hoodwinked into the promises of plans offering weight loss in 3 days! Any weight loss in this short amount of time will be a loss of fluid and will only be regained once the body begins to regulate itself. These are short fix plans. This is even more important if the goal is to lose a lot of weight. As mentioned earlier, toxins are stored in our body fat and therefore any fast release or reduction in weight will produce a flood of toxic waste into the system to deal with.
With any cleanse program, see it as an opportunity to gently, effectively, and deeply support the body’s natural processes. It is not a time to thrash it, deprive it, force it. Let it encourage you to rest, listen to your body’s own healing capacity, and adopt nurturing habits that cherish your total wellbeing.


A tailored solution to this problem:

We at Thirigi have formulated “Detox Capsules” as a response to the need for a right cleansing program. Our Detox capsules are completely natural and made of herbal extracts that have the right balance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, and anti-oxidants. All these help in penetrating health at a cellular level. These natural extracts have a positive impact on the digestive and gut health for both men and women and also help to hormonal balance. 



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