What is Sustainability? Why is it important?

We hear the word sustainability being used very often by people. But the question is, do they really understand what it means? Or, are they just using it to fit in?

From our survey, we have understood that many people still don’t understand what it means and why it is so important. So, we at Thirigi thought it was our responsibility to address this issue and make people understand what Sustainability actually means.

Let us break it down and make the definition a little easier to understand. Sustainability can be defined as the study of how natural systems function, how they remain diverse, and how they can produce everything needed for the ecology to remain in balance.

We live in a modern society where we on a daily basis consume a large number of our natural resources making sustainability that much more important. It has been estimated that we use about 40% more resources every year than we can put back and that is a number that needs to change. If we continue at this rate, our planet will become a wasteland barely able to provide enough food for its inhabitants.

Taking the fact that we are using more than we are replacing into consideration, we need to look at the importance of sustainability and the effect that have on us and the future of our planet.

With sustainable practices comes cleaner water which results in the growth of healthy crops enabling us to feed more people. It also helps reduce healthcare costs in some areas of the world.

By being more eco-friendly and following sustainable living guidelines, we can reduce the effects of climate change, pollution, and other environmental factors that harm our health and our environment.

As citizens of this planet, we ourselves, are stewards of the world and we must put our needs and the needs of our planet in balance.

By reducing, reusing, and recycling, we can create a more sustainable Earth for everyone.

We at Thirigi are trying really hard to do our bit to save this planet. We are trying to replace plastic where ever possible. We have taken a huge leap forward by replacing plastic with paper tubes for packing our capsules. We are only people in India or maybe even the world to do this (something we are very proud of).
We are currently using 70% biodegradable plastic to pack our skincare products. We are trying to introduce completely biodegradable material for packaging.

Like we always keep saying, the way to move forward is by going back to our roots.

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