Detox Capsules
Detox Capsules
Detox Capsules
Detox Capsules

Detox Capsules

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The powerful antioxidants present in this capsule fight against heart diseases, promote detoxification, boost immunity, purify the blood, and help in reducing acne.
Each veggie capsule contains Amla extract (30% tannins), Turmeric extract (10% curcuminoids), Manjista extract (5% Anthraquinone glycosides), Guduchi extract (2.5% bitters), Tulsi extract (10% Ursolic acid), Ginger extract (5% gingerol).
  • We are trying to take body cleansing to another level by taking advantage of all the detoxifying agents present in herbs.
  • To make a novel product we blended not one, not two, but six active constituents coming from six different herbs.
  • We have made detoxifying your body as simple as swallowing a capsule.
  • We have designed a unique formulation that has ubiquitous but potent herbs that increase the body’s resistance to stress and illness.
  • All the herbal extracts used in this product show antioxidant properties and detoxify your body through a different mechanism of action.
  • Take two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening.
  • We recommend its use for at least two months to observe the best results.
  • We source our herbal extracts from the best manufacturers. We test every lot that we receive for solvent residues, heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins.
  • We test every batch for its quality and purity to make sure that you are getting the highest and best quality product.
  • Our products are completely natural and safe to use. However, we recommend that you consult your healthcare physician before using this supplement.

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