About Us

Products developed from natural ingredients have consistently been the need of the hour, especially in the health and wellness industry, and people have always succumbed to this demand. During our initial days of research, we noticed that many of the products being sold today in the market labeled as “organic” or “natural” to lure in gullible consumers are in fact just leaf powders rather than genuine extract. Once this was brought to light to us, it incited a passionate idea that led to “Thirigi”.

Our ancestors and theirs before them have always believed that mother nature is the sole provider of solutions for many of our problems. They discovered that all the answers to make us healthy, happy and beautiful inside out lie with nature. However, with the change in mindset over the decades, a disconnect wedged itself between humanity and nature. This could be due to the creation and gradual dominance of synthetic products by big cosmetic and pharmaceutical giants.

Hence, we took this opportunity to help everyone get in touch with their roots, to ensure transparency about the products one uses and to change the current standards of the personal care and wellness industry. With our brand Thirigi, (which essentially in Telugu means “to go back”) we are literally taking a step back introspecting and moving forward to a healthier future!

Backbone of Thirigi – The Directors:

Thirigi, which was once a brain child and passionate venture of siblings Gayathri Kondepudi and Karthik Kondepudi is today a reality.

Karthik Kondepudi

A graduate in Drug development and targeting, Karthik moved back to India after working in the US to head the Business Development team at Herbochem (a herbal extracts manufacturing company). It was while working here that he interacted with a lot of people and got a clear picture about the kind of adulteration that happens in the personal care and wellness industry. He wanted to take the initiative to find a solution to this problem and this is what motivated him to start Thirigi.
Having had a background in Pharmaceutical sciences, Karthik is currently in charge of product innovation and development at Thirigi.

Gayathri Kondepudi

An architect by profession and the design coordinator at Thirigi, Gayathri ensures that the art and design perception are impeccable for the brand. Nature is art and through the chaos of it all, she deciphers patterns that make Thirigi work. Gayathri is also one of the co-founders at the co-working space, Jxtapose, which is based out of Hyderabad.

Both Karthik and Gayathri believe that Thrigi would not have happened if not for the immense support they got from family and close friends. They are working hard to create more awareness among people and are looking forward to making Thirigi a global brand.