Q: What is “Thirigi” and how is it pronounced?

Thirigi is a direct translation of a Telugu word (తిరిగి - pronounced as Thi-ri-gi) which means to go back or return. 

Q: How are we going back to the roots?

Back to the roots here represents the use of age old techniques (proven to provide many health benefits) for achieving personal wellness. At Thirigi, we are trying very hard to blend this tradition with new age technology. Inspired by our ancestors, we believe in the power of nature as a solution to our overall health and wellness. So, get ready to redefine wellness and go back to our roots in search of its true meaning.

Q: What is the difference between herbal, natural, and synthetic products?

- Herbal products: These are formulated with 95% natural ingredients, and 5% may be synthetic or natural alternatives (herbal extracts, oils, butter, waxes, colors). 
- Natural products: These are products with 50% natural ingredients and 50% synthetic ingredients.
- Synthetic products: These are entirely formulated with skin safe artificial ingredients having an instant result on the skin, but the results are not long lasting. They tend to fade away with time.

We at Thirigi strive to make pure herbal products by eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

Q: Does Thirigi have any physical stores?

We currently do not have any physical stores. All sales are through our website.

Q: Does Thirigi have gifting options?

Of course! Please take a look at our Gifting & Custom Orders page.

Q: Do you do white label manufacturing?

Yes, we do. Please take a look at our Contract Manufacturing page.

About the Product

Q: What is the shelf-life of Thirigi’s products?

All our products have a shelf-life of 18 months which is usually shorter than those you find out in the market. The reason behind it is that we use natural ingredients to manufacture our products - no harmful chemicals whatsoever.

Q: What are the storage conditions?

Please store the product(s) in a cool and dry place. No refrigeration is required.

Q: Do Thirigi’s wellness supplements have any preservatives?

Rest assured, our answer is NO. We are proud to say that we fill 100% herbal extracts in our capsules and nothing else.

Q: Do you test for heavy metals in Herbal extracts that you use in Thirigi’s Products?

Yes. We test all our extracts that go into our capsules for heavy metals and pesticides. We discard the extracts that fail the test.

Q: Can children use Thirigi products?

Anyone above age 13 can safely use our skincare products and anyone above the age of 23 can safely consume our herbal supplements.

Q: Can I use Thirigi products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Absolutely! All our products are entirely natural, with no harmful chemicals. What this means is that anybody should be able to use our products without thinking twice. However, we do recommend speaking with your trusted health care professional before using it.

Q: Are Thirigi products Non-GMO?


Q: Are Thirigi products Organic?

Thirigi does not have an organic certification. However, we make our capsules using extracts that are Organic Certified. Our personal care products are made using plant-based or other natural ingredients.

Q: What is the serving size for Thirigi Capsules?

We recommend you to take two capsules a day.

Q: How are your products packed?

We do not want unnecessary chemicals, tainting our ingredients. We want to preserve every single nutrient and also use something environmentally friendly. So, after considering a lot of factors, we have decided to use paper as our packing material. We pack our capsules in paper tubes coated with food-grade foiling. We are using 70% biodegradable plastic for our skincare products. We are putting in more hours to find the right vendor who could provide us with 100% biodegradable plastic.

Q: What’s the future?

Why not chemical-free products for our pets? We want to get into organic or plant-based pet grooming products. We also want to start manufacturing babycare and childcare products.

Q: How genuine are Thirigi’s products?

Our products are 100% pure and natural. Neither do our labels lie, nor do we use fancy terminologies that are hard to understand. At Thirigi, our priority is to provide complete ingredient transparency. We believe in products without added chemicals, products without toxins, and labels without lies. We will always be transparent and honest with our ingredient sourcing and pick the best ingredients available.

Q: Are Thirigi’s products safe to use?

Your safety is our priority. All the raw materials that are being used in the products have undergone various tests before getting into the final product. However, we recommend that you perform a patch test for our skincare products before using them.